The first question: WHY?

You can read a short paragraph about the purpose of the site, but all you can find there about the motivation behind are only a few words. Of course this is not because there wasn’t any. I’d like to dedicate a whole post to it. So let’s start…

Two Wheelers are in my veins, indeed. It wasn’t so easy for me to learn how to ride a bicycle. I successfully collected lots of wounds until I could ride them just straight ahead, without turns. But later, when I started to feel the balance, I could not stop riding it! Of course I didn’t want to!

I had a small tricycle at the beginning. As it was designed for small kids, I had no trouble with it. It had as good balance as you would ride a flat triangle. Later, I had a larger bike, but it had side wheels too. Later, when I grew older, my father removed those side wheels, and this was the time I’ve started to feel how to fall roughly. The bike had a direct and fix drive. You could not just roll: the pedals were always moving.

After that bike, I had a BMX. I cannot describe how much I loved – and still love – it. It opened a brand new way of riding for me. Later I’ve tried many bikes from old style bikes to mountain bikes. I had so much fun on two wheels.

Once, I had the opportunity to try out a Simson. This was the ‘click’ that changed my heart entirely. The feeling of the first wind of freedom on a motorbike was amazing and unforgettable. Every single day I dreamed of having an own. My parents had it, and with the help of some other people, I’ve fixed it, and I could use it anytime. I had driven so many kilometers until I extended my driving license to drive much powerful machines.


My next love was an MZ ETZ 125. My long term freedom started with this old, lovely machine. It took me everywhere I wanted to be. We had so many adventures. I bought it when I was a university student. Now it is a memento for me. I have strong feelings connected to it. I knew that someday I want to change to a higher category, and I need to sell it, but I always refused this last thought. It seemed impossible to abandon it. Or I thought that through selling I would abandon it. Now I know that this is not true. We had so many things done together, but it can spark joy to other people too, instead of just sitting and waiting in the garage forever. It does not deserve the fate of being forgotten.


One time I made a decision of getting a much bigger bike. The MZ is an old bike (it still does what it was made for, but not more), and it should be kept and driven safe. It does not belong to the Alps or the Tatras with 2 up. I’d damage it if I had those trips. And I started to look for the bike that is reliable at least as the MZ was for me (yes, I had no issues with it). I’m a pretty tall rider, therefore it was not easy to find the most suitable bike on the market that was affordable.

I’ve looked at so many bikes, and finally I’ve met the Suzuki V-Strom family. When I sat on its seat, I knew: this is the perfect bike for me. I became a fanatic. Although I’ve driven so many motorbikes in the past, only the MZ was a bike of mine, the others were just borrowed for a trip. After running so many rounds with the local dealer, we finally agreed on a testing that will be around March, 2017. After it will still fit for me, we’ll agree and I’ll order a brand new one for me.

DL650 XT 2016

You may ask why do I want to take the 2016 instead of the 2017 model? I’ve sit on both of them. Just sitting, not riding. The seat was narrower and just by sitting a couple of minutes on it was felt uncomfortable for me at the first time. The front of the bike seemed narrower for me, even the windshield. I prefer the double headlights over the vertical arranged formation. I LOVE the red colored vehicles! 2017 model DOES NOT come out in red. And there are some other minor things. So, for me in the 2016 vs 2017 XT battle, ’16 won. This doesn’t mean that the latest model didn’t impress me. I really hope I won’t be late to buy one in March, 2017. If the local dealers run out of stock, I have to buy the 2017 then.

This will be my first bike that fits only the highest category of Hungarian motorbike driving license. This will be a great jump from the MZ ETZ 125, as you can see it on the chart.


I’d like to show you my experiences during the change, and I’d like to show you what is it to be a changer like me, and how does a newbie discover the Wee. I’ve seen only a few blogs or tests about the 2016 model, but none of them aimed to be a Wee-Diary. This way, I’m pretty sure this blog will be unique.


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