From 125ccm to 650ccm: My expectations

It’s a quite long jump, isn’t it? Well, I think yes, for some reasons. Let’s view them one by one:

  • This will be the first time I jump from a 2-stroke to a 4-stroke engine for long journeys (and not for 5-10 kilometers on familiar roads). What I’ve learnt from the other bikes, the 4-stroke is totally different heart. (Not better, different!) I expect a smoother engine at low rpm, and a more linear torque curve. And it has!
  • 2 cylinders are more then 1. The Wee will have lower resonance but it has similar “rough” sound like the MZ. According to this video, it has!

  • The “accelerating on full throttle” changes due to the more raw power. I admit that on MZ, accelerating was just twisting to the balanced air/fuel state, and changing gears, and repeat, until in the 5th gear it reached its full speed. With the Wee this will change: I won’t need to get the maximum out of the engine every time I want a moderate acceleration.

  • 2 up will be a pleasure instead of mostly forgetting the last gear. Oh, and I’ll get a 6th gear! 🙂

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