The Local Dealer – Before the Offer

I had bad experiences with the car dealers during the last year. They tried to push me into a big loan and into the new cars. They didn’t care that I was just exploring the market. They didn’t want to invest some time into me. I could ask whenever I wanted and they had time to answer. I got only shared attention, and it felt like being in a supermarket where you can ask if you can catch a seller.

I’ve tried a car, a Nissan Leaf. The dealer spoke a lot during the test drive and continuously pushed me and told me what shall I do. When I did something else and wanted to try what I really wanted (not dangerous but functional things like trying what is the maximum turning capabilities when parking at low speed), he started to be aggressive because I did something else than he wanted. I was not confused at all. I was angry. I didn’t like that at all. On the very next day, on the weekend, he called me if I want to buy and tried to convince me to buy ASAP. On Saturday! How insulting! 

I was afraid that it will be the same when I go and look for the proper motorbike. That’s why I decided to look at forums first, and then go to the local dealers. I’ve found two models, a Honda and a Suzuki I was really interested in. Then I went out to see them.

The first dealer I visited was Suzuki Interat. The place was clean, calm, and it didn’t take too much time for the employee to greet me with a warm welcome. After a short discussion he pulled the motorbike out from the others, and I could watch every details of it. Although the weather conditions were not so pretty, he took is out and I could see its right colors, and I could even roll a few meters with it with engine turned off. Then he took it back into the store and then the discussion has started. Stories, comparisons with other bikes in the store, the possible announcements of the 2017 model (in the store it was the 2016), etc. I told him that I MIGHT buy a motorbike in the future. He showed me used ones too. He spent lots of time answering my (sometimes silly) questions. Then I asked for an offer and we said farewell. I got answer to all my questions and although I told him I won’t buy a bike soon, nobody got angry. And then I realized that I spent a few hours there. I wasn’t pushed at all. I didn’t get phone calls or mails that were unnecessary or bothering.

My next visit was a Honda store somewhere near Déli pályaudvar in Budapest. I don’t remember its name. I entered, there was the bike I wanted to see, and I was told that I am allowed to sit on it. I did it. It wasn’t assembled totally, some parts were loose. Then I wanted to ask something, but the dealer disappeared. I was roaming the store like a zombie then I met him again. I didn’t get any help with the other bikes but I wanted to. I left the store with bitter feelings. Ignorance van be as dangerous as the full push.

I had an offer from Suzuki and nothing from Honda. I was waiting for the announcement of the 2017 model with full of curiosity.

To be continued…


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