The difficulty of choosing the latest models

Googling for “V-Strom 650 XT” or “DL-650 XT” mostly gives you hits about the 2015 or older model. If you want to acquire all the information about the 2016 model than you should use the following phrases: “V-Strom 650 XT 2016” or “DL-650 XT 2016”. The same needs to be done to 2017!

You’ll find it difficult to focus on the tests and forum posts about it. Does it have a low impact on the market? Why are there so few videos on YouTube?┬áDiscovering the newest models is a long journey. We all know that user tests and reviews are the most informative for everyday Joes.

Buying a brand new or a 1 year old model motorbike is not so easy. How to decide which one to buy? Which brand? Which model (if you have a chance to choose)? Only a few professional tests and user reviews/ratings are available (if any). There are almost no overlapping at all between the sale period of different models. You have to choose wisely and you should be fast.

This year, in Hungary, the 2016 model will be available until March, and the 2017 model arrives at the end of April. There will be a huge date gap between them.


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