Getting ready: the outfit –  Part 1/2: Man

Changing from a 125 ccm to a much bigger motorcycle usually needs different outfits. Don’t think this is just due to safety purposes. In my case not just the category and type changes were the reasons of the new accessories. I realized that my previous equipment were worn as much as it was possible without losing them in the wind during driving. I got used to them and I really liked them. It was hard to change them. Those were my mementos.

A larger motorcycle opens a variety of possibilities that you didn’t have earlier. This can be for example participating on more hardcore track days or visiting places you have never tried before: riding on the mountains. The functional requirements change, and therefore you need to change the clothes too.

My choices were Fokt Motor for my Shark Fujing helmet, and Shox for the rest. I didn’t choose leather (although all my colleagues were pushing me into it). I prefer the more comfortable 4 season Macna Raintex material.


There are many Shark S900C Fujing helmets. What I choose was the Black / Red / Violet. You probably say OMG WHY? Well… If you know me, you probably know that I really don’t care what others think about this. Opinion is just an onion + 3.1415. I choose it from a variety of helmets, but this got me. And I got it.


The end.


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