The Great News is here!

The localĀ dealer notified me… The current model can be pre-ordered!!! šŸ™‚ Wee-Haaaaw! I’ll go to place the orderĀ tomorrow, as the arriving stockĀ is limited.

The shipment comes in waves. The very first wave is mainly for the local dealers to be able to provide the people test motorcycles. Only a few will be sold. This arrival will be at the end of March.

The very first customers can have their V or Wee-Stroms around the middle of April. I’ll be in the second wave. This will be shipped during the middle of April and can be takenĀ home around the end of April.

So far there are no official price announced for the accessories, therefore only the basic motorbikes can be ordered. The order of the accessories will be later. If you order the motorbike with accessories then you don’t have to pay for the hours putting them on your bike. I’ll try to negotiate.Ā I want the accessories on the motorbike without additional fees than the items themselves.


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