The Pre-Order, Step 1: Booking

Finally I had a chance to place my pre-order. It was quite easy. After the discussion of the hot topics regarding the latest model (pricing, availability, expected arrival), we discussed the accessories. There are no official announcements for the available extras. Of course if there are no extras then there are no pricing as well.

Every customer wants something extra for his money. I wanted it to. Okay, let’s negotiate. The situation is not easy: I’m the customer who definitely wants the motorbike in the shortest possible time. There is the dealer who wants to sell the motorbike with the maximum possible profit. Did you get it? This is the horror case of the customer while the seller is in a good position.

Fortunately I expected this situation. My strategy during the last time aimed for being good when it becomes critical. And yesterday it became. Did it worth the invested time? I definitely say yes! I was not only successful in getting a discount that I can spend on the accessories I want, but even after the motorbike will be handed over to me, the accessories will be mounted by the Suzuki technicians for no additional fees!



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