2017 Suzuki V-Strom 650 first ride reviews

This post is updated frequently. Come back later!

This is the link to the first V-Strom 2017 test.

They say that the new model is fun and flexible. You don’t feel the Traction Control holding you back: it is smooth, and you can only see the light indicator flashing on the dashboard. The suspension performs great during riding on the highway, or during cornering.

I can’t wait to test it personally! 🙂

Update (23rd March, 2017. 11:00):

Suzuki Motorrad Deutschland posted a few images about testing the new V-Stroms on their Facebook page. Click here and see them!

Update (23rd March, 2017. 18:50):

Here you can find the test on Moto Station. If you don’t speak French, here is the Google Translate version.

Update (23rd March, 2017. 23:45):

Or you can read the review of Bennetts. 🙂 Wow, it seems that the articles about the model are coming to the surface!

Update (26th March, 2017. 23:13):

Here is a YouTube video by Motor Live. A complete test can be seen.

Update (28th March, 2017. 10:11):

Another YouTube video here. 🙂 This is French too, I’m waiting for an English or German version. 😀

Update (29th March, 2017. 9:53):

The new YouTube Videos are emerging. Where can we see the other colored bike than yellow? 🙂

And here is another one.

And another one, this is much longer.

If you are interested in a crash (I don’t know why but everyone has its own fetish…), you should check this video part where the 2017 V-Strom 650 had a crash.

Update (3rd April, 2017. 10:51):

And here is probably the last update for this post. I gave you two links (link 1, link 2), where you can read a few words about the new V-Stroms.

Now I’m waiting for user reviews. 🙂


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