Motorcycle Driving Training

I was on a safety training during the very early spring. I always wanted to attend to one. Thanks to the Hungarian police, it was much cheaper than usual. I had a very wonderful time there. The results were far beyond my expectations.

In Hungary there are plenty of such trainings teaching different skills under different conditions. For example you can choose from 

  • participating with own or rented motorbike
  • learning slow or fast driving techniques
  • learning cornering or handling focused
  • bringing your own equipment or getting those from the training center
  • training indoor or outdoor

None of the training centers offer all of them, but there are great mixes. My preferences were the outdoor, slow, handling focused training where I don’t crash my own motorbike in case of falling. First I wanted to learn the real driving technique, but with my own motorbike I wouldn’t be so brave during the exercises.

I choose Safety-Hungary, where I could pick the CB500X, the tour-enduro. This was my next wish: spending two days on such type of motorbike. I didn’t regret it, it was a two day fun. I tried the other cbs as well, but I found them too small for me.

On Day 1., the theoretical parts took half of the time. It worth the time as we met the things needed for the everyday survival: taking care of the motorcycle properly including settings and road behavior. During the other half day was the practical session. We dove deeper and deeper to the mystery of motorcycle handling while really going deeper… in the corners. 🙂

On Day 2., we started to learn the more advanced techniques. From time to time we became better, and we realized that we are performing much better than we thought we ever could at the beginning of the course.

If you never attended to such training, then waste no time! Go and enjoy your personal improvement.


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