Further news about my Wee

I got a mail from the local store that my bike will arrive around 26th April! Weeeeee-haw! Then comes the paperwork, and the work of the mechanics. I will get it around the very beginning of May. My expectations (I’m prepared with the worst case scenario.)

Today I saw a yellow non-XT version in the box behind the store, in the workshop building. You know IKEA very well. That was the motorbike version of it! 🙂 The V-Strom is a huge bike, it can be put in this box only in parts. Behind it stood a Hayabusa, in the same box, fully assembled.

The store promised me that if my Wee arrives, they’ll let me know and I can watch the unboxing but I cannot record it, as there are so many other things in the workshop, and generally people are not allowed to enter. Weeeeee!


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