To own or not to own in time?

I can say that I am disappointed. As a service manager, I think the local store Suzuki Interat needs some training in the fields of

  • communication
  • getting things done
  • customer focus

That’s true. Here is what happened: On the 4th of May, the motorbikes were in the workshop, waiting for the MOT test. We caught them on camera, and we were told about the upcoming test that will be on Monday morning.

Monday: On Monday I visited the store and signed lots of papers. The paperwork is done.

Tuesday: The tests were done on Tuesday early morning, instead of the promised Monday, and the local dealer told us they will send us the paper with the proper IDs on it to be able to get an insurance. They told us that they won’t do this for us. (+1 day) We got the insurance certification on Tuesday afternoon, after many phone calls, as they forgot to send us the scanned papers with priority. Although they were late, we finished in time, so they had pretty enough time to go to the Office of Government Issued Document. They didn’t do that, but we asked them to hurry because of the upcoming deadline of the takeover (Thursday). We also asked for the prices of the accessories. We didn’t get it, but a complaint that they have so much to do and we’ll get it on Wednesday.

Wednesday: Nothing happened. They complained to both of us about the HUUUUGE row in the Office of Government Issued Document (10 people were in the row). They also still couldn’t tell us the prices of the accessories. Just promises… What we got is a promise that they send us the amount we need to pay (FOR WHAT??? We doesn’t even know HOW MUCH the accessories we probably want…), and a promise that we’ll get the last paper. Now it is 22:25 local time (UTC+2), and I got nothing from them.

Tomorrow, on Thursday will be the day of the takeover, the CASCO, and the payment of the accessories. We have a promised time (13:30) for the takeover, but we don’t have the paper, we cannot start the CASCO process, and we still don’t know the prices of the accessories. I wonder if we can have the motorbikes tomorrow.

I promise I won’t come to this store again for buying anything, as there are lots of amateurs. And they just started selling cars too, while having no resources even for the motorbikes. Nice…


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