Weeking Long Ride Test – The first 1000 km

I have reached the first service period. That was 1000 km. 1005 exactly, but I could bring the bike to the first oil (and filter) change between 900 km and 1100 km. I got the bike on 11th May, and it had 1005 km in it by 15th May.

I have to admit it was a very tough period for me, and not because of the motorbike, but the weather:

  • On Thursday, From Bicske I went firstly to the nearby roads. It was very important to get used to the bike, and its power.
  • On Friday with one of my motorbike buddies, we managed to ride a Bicske-Győr-Veszprém-Székesfehérvár-Bicske round. That was tough! Between Győr and Veszprém we ran into many massive rainstorms (and stopped only once, to put on the rain clothes). Between Székesfehérvár and Bicske, we crossed two huge mud flows.
  • On Saturday we rode to Üvegtigris.
  • On Sunday afternoon, between 2:00 PM and 10:30 PM, I managed to ride a solo 454 km.


As I had to keep the RPM under 5500, at first I was afraid of the lack of power during overtaking, but I was wrong. I had adequate power to handle most of the situations (95%), and I didn’t have to reach higher revs. It has a moderate vibration at 5000 RPM (starting around 4800). The engine doesn’t really like the low RPM. Do not use it under 3000, except you are riding on a slope! This V2 screams for the higher revs, and believe me: as soon as you’ll hear its powerful sound, you will keep the RPM high, regardless of the fuel efficiency. Its sound is beautiful even with the stock exhaust.

I am 6′ 3″ (190 cm). The stock (not the touring version) windshield (even on the highest setting) is not enough for me. My helmet is in the turbulent zone, so I have to either lower it to get out of the turbulent zone, or replace it with a higher one. But I had headache after the 454 km run, although I wasn’t speeding at all. I was more agile, but I drove at most as fast as my MZ ETZ 125 could achieve while wearing my same helmet (105 km/h). I didn’t go on highways. The turbulence can be felt above 65 km/h. The seat was far more comfortable than I expected during the 3-stop 454 km tour. The size of the bike are perfect for me, I won’t change anything but the windshield.


The average fuel consumption during the 454 km trip, and during the whole 1005 km was 4.1 liter/100 km and that is very nice. I expect a 4.8-5 l/100 km using higher revs. I mostly used Shell V-Power Nitro+ Racing 100 during this test. This is what I use in my MZ ETZ as well.

I have to admit I am not a lean master, therefore I never used the edges of my tyres. I need to get used to these tyres after the Barum on the MZ that is hard and as I felt that it is made of nylon. 🙂 Although this, I wasn’t afraid of maintain a high speed during the rainstorms, and the V-Strom could easily go through the mud flow without any issues (except the dirt behind the engine, that I couldn’t remove so far, as the mud flow reached my ankles on the bike). The tyres have a very good wet grip, and a good dry grip. I never felt them slipping out on the road.

The people who identified this bike as a neutral bike are right. Until 5500 RPM. I have no experience what is above it, bu I can’t wait to try the 7000 RPM out, as it is the maximum for the next 600 km. It is very easy to put it to the turns or to change directions, so the handling is perfect. The gear shift lever is a bit high, and I need to lower the brake lever as well.

The brakes do their jobs very well. The front is a bit soft and needs larger pressure, so it is very easy to dose the proper amount of braking power. The rear brake is more raw, and needs a very good setup.

The dashboard is very beautiful and nothing disturbs you even during the darkest night. You can also set its brightness. (Mine is on oooo, I never tried to change it.) The front light is very powerful. The high beam adds another sunburn effect, but even without it the cars used to blink at me to turn off the high beam. A real bread toaster. I swear I used to turn off the high beam before I can even see the others. Give exactly what you’d expect from the others!

I had a chance to be its passenger for a few miles. I found it even more comfortable to sit on the bike. Effortless is the word I could use to describe how relaxed you can sit on this bike. I wish my office chair would be as comfortable as the seat is!

What else do you want to know? If I can, I’ll answer your questions. Feel free to ask me!


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