Up to 7000 RPM!

After the first service period, now I am allowed to use this powerful machine with higher revs, up to 7000 RPM. Goodbye vibration, hello more power! ūüôā

I always wanted to leave the strong 5000 RPM vibration behind. Not with a large amount, 5500-5800 RPM is enough for it. I’m not that kind of person who enjoys the sound of 10k+. I bought the Wee due to its low RPM torque. I prefer cruising over racing.

Suzuki¬†said the new Wee has¬†adequate power in all RPMs for 99.5% of the people. This is true,¬†but the engine doesn’t like the full throttle¬†under 3000 RPM, or between 4700-5300 RPM. It rewards you with a not so comfortable roughness for it. So who would use a¬†full throttle with these conditions?

Why am I writing about full throttle? Because the top of N·m and HP curves can be reached only by using full throttle, in the entire RPM range!


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