ECM change – Failed?

The first recall happened this Summer. Yes, they recalled some of the 2017 650 V-Stroms due to an ECM error. I didn’t get any mails from Suzuki. I got this information in the local store during the first oil change. I never got any mails regarding this, but they claimed that the motorbikes being shipped now should be fixed.


The error they told me was the missing air intake measurement. This is was not coded so deeply that a software upgrade is not able to repair. Let’s bring the motorbike back -again.

I brought it back, and they said they need approx. 10 minutes to do it, so I can wait for it. After half an hour, they said that it seems they need both keys, as the new ECM is a brand new one. Coming back? Again? Because they forgot to tell me this?

I brought it back… again… “Now it will be a 10 minute work, really.” It wasn’t… They changed the ECM, and they could have it recognize only one of the two keys. The other key didn’t work. They tried to add it but they got an error they could not delete from the ECM. Wonderful! What should I do now? “You can go with one key, but please do not insert the wrong key as the ECM will consider it as stealing and then you have to bring the motorbike back on foot. On real foot.” Good news… It was frustrating! I had to come back many times due to the incompetence of the service station. And now, I have to bring the motorbike back again. They promised me that they ask for an expert from the HQ, they’ll ask for my availability and then we can discuss another return.

Of course they didn’t ask me. A week later, they told me that I should visit them on a day they choose. What? After all all these inconveniences, I have to get a day off from my work just due to their lack of communication, I (the Customer!) need to suck more? What the…? I told them I go to them at 8:00 AM and I have 30 minutes, then I have to come back to work from home. From this time I was really angry, and I didn’t hide this. I brought my V-Strom there and told them to pick me up and bring me home. That was the minimum they could do for me. In the meantime it turned out that the “expert” did not come to Bicske, therefore they need to try it again, or I should leave the motorbike here for a week. NO WAY! Most of my trips were visiting the local store again and again. I wanted to get the motorbike back on the same day. And finally I wanted to ride it freely, without the fear of going back to the store. Of course I wanted to ride it with the rear fender I bought and asked them to put it on.

Oh the rear fender is another short story. When I asked them to put it on, the mechanic complained that he has to work approx. 1 hour to put it on and he hates it! Am I a pastor? No. I’m a customer that PAYS for it! And I don’t mind if they hate it. That’s their job. If I pay the price, why do they complain? Then don’t offer such services at all!

During the afternoon I got a call from the seller that my motorbike is ready, and as we discussed before, he can take me to the store by car. Wonderful! When he arrived, he told me that they put the rear fender on the motorbike for free as a gift for my inconveniences. At least I got some compensation. And the motorbike was working well with both keys! I couldn’t believe it! No more return!

The lesson is the following: don’t go to Bicske, Suzuki Interat if you would like to repair your motorbike. Or if you want to buy a motorbike. I’m sure there are plenty of stores you can choose instead of this one.


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